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Hello, it's Koji Nozaki
I have been learning English autonomously, but I have experience of attending the English circle. My method of learning English are the reading aloud advocated by Masao Kunihiro and his disciple of Tetsuya Yasukochi who is the Charismatic English cram school lecturer whose prep-school name is the Toshin High school. And I have custom of reading The Japan Times, I used to become a posted candidate on the English newspaper as my comment and thoughts whose content is 'The distorted Sexual Knowledge' and watching English news such as NHK news line and the You Tube etc.. My hobby is listening foreign and Japanese tunes especially YMO. I adore Ryuich Sakamoto who is the environmentalist and various charity activities such as being opposing to poaching ivories and he has landmines removed and he has reconstructing music instruments damaged by the catastrophic Tohoku tsunami disaster and he is against constructing nuclear power plants, he insisted that the government should substitute the geothermal, the windmill, the tide, the hydroelectric power for nuclear plants etc.. My favorite song is ' The Behind the Mask' which was copied by prominent foreign artists. And other hobby is to watch foreign and Japanese movies, I have the British friend who teaches English to universities' students and meet me every two weeks for free talking in English for about 1.5 hours in a low as his volunteer. koji

If you have a spare time, please insert ' BieBieC Board Members & Friends' into the Face book's first page's blank called 'Search for people, places and things' I wrote my thoughts and opinions about various topics. thanks
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