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Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence.

  • Telefon Numarası+1 402-438-6866 *** - **** 3339
  • E-Postagreengorilla826***@******.***
  • Doğum Günü01 November 1971
  • EğitimUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business - Accounting and Agribusiness
  • AddresLincoln, NE 68521, United States Petra Pešića No: 3339
  • ŞehirBela Palanka
  • ÜlkeSerbia

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Tax Accountant in Lincoln, NE "I love being able to recognize clients when they walk in and know their story. Listening first, then deriving the meaning behind their words and translating it into actionable insight to better serve their needs. I creatively apply that insight to all areas of my personal and professional life."

I love to get artistic. Whether it’s working on ambitious projects with my son, refreshing the company’s website and social media, or visualizing a desired outcome in order to brainstorm solutions, I put my creative passion into everything I do. Compound that with my individualistic appetite to learn and to improve what’s on my plate, and I have cooked up my own recipe for success that showcases my defined strengths and personality. 

My position has evolved over the years by accepting more responsibility with client bookkeeping and accounting while maintaining my creative outlet through managing marketing for my firm. My ability to view the whole picture and analyze individual pieces to a puzzle fits perfectly into my position as an accountant. 

Outside of the office, I am entertained by my comical son’s quotes, innocent curiosity and innovative ideas. I share my passion for learning with my son and I indulge in teaching him about morals and values, building character in addition to academics and fun projects. I lead an active lifestyle by putting in hours at the gym, running the trails around town and bow-hunting. However, my kryptonite is the irresistible combination of peanut butter and chocolate!

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One quarter of the bones in your body are in your feet...

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