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We live and breath leading good people through serious legal challenges. 
At Denmon & Denmon, we represent people accused of crimes, going through divorce, or injured because of another person's carelessness.

At Denmon Law, we are a close group of real good lawyers. Three of our lawyers were named in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Florida.

But we realized long ago that what lawyers were missing is a fanatical focus on you and your goals.

We begin every relationship with a thorough review with you to develop the main goal for the case and a game plan to get you there. And we review every case regularly an adjust when needed.

We represent individuals, and recognize that great legal help to solve serious legal problems is not cheap.  We know we must be hyper focused to provide value for our clients that exceeds our costs.  Too many lawyers just "go", and run around like chickens with their heads cut off, doing lots of expensive work but forgetting to deliver the corresponding value that our clients need.

We have the following:

1. Divorce Lawyers and Family Lawyers:  Christian Denmon and Nicole Coppock lead the  divorce team at Denmon Law.  We are particularly adept at handling high conflict financial and custody cases.
2. Car Accident and Personal Injury Attorneys:  Christian and Andy Plagge handle the firms injury practice, with a particular emphasis on serious auto, trucking, and construction accident cases for Denmon & Denmon.

While most firms assign cases to a paralegal to handle, we require an attorney to be assigned as a lead on every case, regardless of the seriousness.  We have found that this leads to higher individual settlements, allowing our team to maintain a smaller case load per lawyer and giving our clients the attention they deserve.

No settlement discussions in an injury case take place without a settlement strategy session between the assigned accident lawyer and the client.  We will set a goal for settlement, along with a range of settlement possibilities that, if not met by the insurance company will result in a prompt filing of the case in Court and setting for trial.

3. Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers:  Nicole Denmon is the founding partner at Denmon Law and lead trial attorney in our criminal defense section.  As a former State prosecutor in Pinellas County, Florida, Nicole has tried cases in Court from Simple Suspended Licenses Charges and DUI to Murder.

Like our other practice teams, Nicole and the criminal defense team at Denmon Law focus early and hard on setting strategic goals for you and a game plan to get you there. "The best resolution possible" is too vague to have meaning and game plan. 

Whether your a professional who needs an outright dismissal or need to preserve your professional license at all costs, or a CDL driver who must keep your license and the ability to drive, or a small business owner who cannot afford time away from the business and must have "it handled", our criminal defense team at Denmon Law will figure out what matters most and execute.

4.  Wills and Trusts:  For years Denmon & Denmon Law, P.A. only handled wills, trusts, and probate for our already existing clients. Now we take new clients and can help you execute an estate planning strategy that preserves your estate while effectuating your wishes and minimizing tax damage. 

We work hand in hand with your financial planner to establish your estate planning, and, when needed, we have financial experts that we trust that can help you fulfill your goals.

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